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windows security pop-up in Hopex portal

Super Contributor

Hi Community,

In the authentication page of IT Architecture we get windows security pop-up that requets for additionnal login and password.

Can you please help us to get rid off this pop-up.

 Best regards


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Problem solved by setting anonymous user to inherit from application pool identity (instead of Specific user "IUSR") at the server root node in IIS.

You probably have some issue on the server configuration and share folders. Did you change anything on HOPEX installation ? Most likely your IT as changed the policy within user AD Group which as a side effect

Super Contributor

Hello oguimard,

Yes, we use LDAP authentication for password management but we didn't have this pop-up before.

When we cancel this windows authentication we got access denied. In addition, this windows authentication succeded  only with an account that has privileges on Hopex directories.




you seems to be in V4 with MEGA hopex authentication enabled based on screenshot.

Did you enable Windows or LDAP authentication for password management ? If yes that can explained this pop-up.