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What report template links stages, capabilities and applications ?

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In a recent HOPEX deck we received from MEGA - focuses on doing Business Architecture, there is this report shown:

Plan Applications per transformation stage.png


I am trying to understand how to create this report?


Is it based on an out-of-box report template? If yes, which?


Is it an "Instant Report" matrix report?  If yes,  what list view do I generate first - to get this matrix.


Is it a "custom" report that we need to first create a new report template?

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Thanks! @BenAvdicevic 
i have tried using airport enterprise and successful.



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Before you can use an Instant Report option:

Step 1 - you must create a dataset as per @PBessodes note:

The dataset definition is provided and is called : "Comparison of Enterprise Stages content".


To create prerequisite dataset:

From the Main Menu (left-side menu):

  1. Select Reports >> Other Reports
  2. Select My Report Datasets tile
  3. Select New to create a dataset called "Comparison of Enterprise Stages content"
  4. Add stages to your dataset
  5. From Data tab of the dataset - select Instant Report option and select Matrix report.

Hi all, how to access this menu, i have tried with select the business capability > instant report, but come with different views. Thanks!



This is an "Instant Report" matrix, based on a dataset.

The dataset definition is provided and is called : "Comparison of Enterprise Stages content".

Instant report can be parameterized this way to provide suche result :



Patrick Bessodes.