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What is this report called ?

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Hello Mega community,

I'm looking for a name of this report so I can understand how to generate it.

I believe it comes from INFA module - but can not find anything in the documentation.  



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Thanks for confirming @OLeGuellec .  That was my suspicion.



This is a sunburst diagram (a kind of radial tree map), but it has not been generated from HOPEX ; there is no such renderer as part of the reporting toolkit.

from a treeset we can generate :

- dendrograms, in radial style if applicable

- tree maps (the closest to a sunburst, when using the components count for item proportions computation)

- breakdown report

- tree tables

see :


note : to generate a sunburst from HOPEX data, you can for example generate a treetable from a treeset, export to MS Excel, rearrange the data in MS Excel as needed, and create a sunburst chart (or use another dataviz tool)

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@oguimard Any thoughts on this?

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@HMerveArslan Thanks for that answer.  

You may be right - this might be a type of Pie Chart in HOPEX.

The question I have - how do I generate it ?  I can't find anything similar in the documentation.

  • What is the root object?
  • Is it an Instant Report?
  • Is it part of a Data Set ?

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The chart is known as doughnut chart, usually. However, in HOPEX, I think it is just a type of Pie Chart.