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Upgrading MGR OR MGL packages IN mega Hopex v5

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

good morning dear community

I have a question, when I import a .MGL or .MGR package should I update the environment and compile?

or should I just update the environment to take the changes, thank you.

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If you are installing or updating a package from MEGA (a module from the MEAG HOPEX store), then you will need to update the environment.  This will do the translate and compile by default:



If you are just importing a mgl or mgr package (eg importing a change from a different environment that you manage), then you just need to do a translate and compile.  Running an environment update will take marginally longer (as it checks for other steps - but it will not need to run them).

Running a translate and compile after an environment update will be very quick as it will check that nothing needs to be done.