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Trying to create objects of new MetaClass using Excel Import

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Hi Community,

I have created a new MetaClass "SBI Projects", which is connected to the Org-Unit MetaClass using 'SBI - Name of the Org-Unit' MetaAssociationEnd. I am trying to create new objects for this MetaClass connected to the appropriate Org-Unit. I am able to do this manually but while using the standard excel import, I am getting an error "The Metaclass Master is absent". Attaching the resultant Excel report with the errors downloaded post-import. The template was generated from HOPEX itself.

I have to create 200+ objects for this new MetaClass so I require the Excel Import feature.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Issue may come from the fact that the org-unit to link has not been found or more than one have been found with same short name (name without namespace).

In first case, check for existence or you don't have extra character in excel cell (blank for example ?)

In second case, check for homonyms in the repository (in other library for example).