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TIS-620 (Thai Industrial Standard)


I am aware that HOPEX supports Thai as a data language.

Does HOPEX support this Thai Language Standard TIS-620? There is a specific requirement to be compliant with the Standard.

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HOPEX use LCID 0x041E for encoding Thai Language.
LCID 0x041E and TIS-620 are both related to the Thai language, but they serve different purposes.

LCID 0x041E is a Locale Identifier used by Microsoft to represent the Thai language locale . A Locale Identifier, or LCID, is a unique identifier assigned by Microsoft to each country/region and language combination. It is used in various Microsoft technologies, including SQL Server, to specify locale-specific behaviors.

On the other hand, TIS-620 is a character encoding standard used for the Thai language . It is the most common character set and character encoding for the Thai language. The standard is published by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), an organ of the Ministry of Industry under the Royal Thai Government .

In summary, LCID 0x041E is used to specify the Thai locale in Microsoft technologies, while TIS-620 is used to encode Thai characters in a digital format. They are used in different contexts and serve different purposes. They are not directly comparable as they are used for different aspects of language representation in computing.