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Static Website Content Generation

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MEGA Partner



"Static Website Content" generation has been set up as explained on the link below:


What is the procedure to the generate the website in future - do we need to run the powershell script everytime the website is to be generated ?



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I am not aware of a possibility to generate HOPEX 360 directly to website.static.navigator - according to my experience, the website is not generated in the website.static.navigator folder, it is still generated on the same generation path which is set in the properties of the website - unless I have misunderstood you 😀

Findings and suggestions:

1. The HOPEX scheduler generates the website in a folder named after the HEXAID of the website whereas the "Enterprise Portal Application Package" generates the website on the same path but in a folder named after the language in which the website was set to be generated e.g. EN or FR etc.


2. You can use the Windows task scheduler to run the batch file "GenerateAndPackageModule" from the daily_batch folder, then the website is directly published once it is generated.

3. Use the same approach to generate the website as you are using today i.e. HOPEX scheduler, then use a simple batch file containing xCopy to copy the website to the required destination by executing this batch file via Windows task scheduler on a required day and time.

Option 3 will give you a chance to verify the content of the website before it is published for the end users -

Note: direct generation to a folder where the website is directly published from has a drawback - the website will not available to users while it is being generated, since it will delete the old website before the new generation starts.




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We are using Hopex scheduler to generate Hopex360 reports. What needs to be done to be able to publish the Hopex360 to the website.static.navigator folder directly from Hopex, is this possible.  I am now generating the content to a folder and then coping it to the F:\Apps\Hopex_v5\Hopex Application Server\5000\.shadowFiles\website.static.navigator, after coping here, the content is available to all.  Is there a way to avoid the manual coping and the right way to publish static Hopex360 content that is created using Hopex OOB scheduler.




You must extract this folder daily_batch to a location where your scheduler is located.


Then place this batch in a scheduler. On daily/Weekly/Monthly basis it will:

  • Generate your website
  • Package it
  • Publish it