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Report (MS Word) Distribution is not working

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Hi all,


I'm using HOPEX V4 CP2 with the web client and want to generate a MS Work Report and have it distributed to a number of stakeholders.


The documentation says:

Creating an MS Word report in HOPEX
HOPEX enables you to create documentation of repository objects: the reports (MS Word).

These reports (MS Word) are available in .docx format. They are generated in .rtf format then packaged in .docx format so as to reduce size. For more details, see Specificities.

You can create reports (MS Word) from a repository object.
To create a report (MS Word) from an object:
1.In the object pop-up menu, select Documentation > New Report (MS Word).
The first step of the Creation of Report (MS Word) wizard appears.
2.(Optional) In the Name field, modify the name given by default to your report (MS Word).
3.(Optional) Modify the report (MS Word) owner.
4.Click Next.
The second step of the Creation of Report (MS Word) wizard appears: Template Document.
5.In the Report Template (MS Word), select the report template (MS Word) on which you want your report to be based.

Only those report templates (MS Word) corresponding to the documented object type are proposed.

6.Click Next.
The third step of the Creation of Report (MS Word) wizard appears: Distribution.
7.Enter the recipients of the report (MS Word).
8.Click OK.
The report (MS Word) opens.
Following these above steps:
I right click on the required Application select Documentation -> New Report (MS Word).
I select the required Template and click next.
I select Others and press OK


I choose Person (System) and select the desired person and press OK


I choose the desired Receiver Role and click OK.


It generates the report, but there is no email, or notification / alert to the people on the distribution list at all.  

I have tried different Receiver Roles, and have tried Org-Units as well as Person (System), but nothing seems to work.


I know the general emails work because I can share an Application link via email.  I know workflows work because I can run a Validate workflow and get notifications within HOPEX and via email.  

I would have thought that the document distribution would initiate a sequence of workflows based on the Receiver Role, but it doesn't seem to do anything.


Any help would be great.



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According to Mega Support, the DISTRIBUTION feature for Reporting Templates (MS Word) does NOT DISTRIBUTE the generated report, instead it merely records a dataset that can be used within the report template (ie: a distribution list within the report).  I am seeking further clarity on this as it seems unlikely that a product like HOPEX would go so far as to build a distribution feature just to add a table in a report without fulfilling the action of distribution and put data integrity at risk.

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I think that as no-one seems to know how to fix this that it must be a fault within HOPEX and I will log a support ticket for it.