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Question on using Application System object for modelling project architecture

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I am trying to understand best way to model a typical scenario for our solution architects in our enterprise.


Issue description


Imagine a solution architect representing the Personal Banking segment (yellow color) below.   They have a new project and need to setup 4 new data flows for a busines app Application ABC.


This is a HOPEX scetch showing the overview of the project's target state application arhictecture.

NOTE: all objects show are the Application object in HOPEX.


Modelling question


Which HOPEX diagram is most appropriate to show the project overviw diagram?


Desicion process (the way I understand it):


  • Application  - Scenario of Application flows OR Structure diagrams 
    • Not appropriate because the flows are external to the Applicaiton ABC
  • Application Environment  - Scenario of Environment Flows or Environment Structure diagrams
    • Not appropriate because environment diagram are only supposed to show flows/interactions between subject application and the parter application/system.
      • Application BBB flow to Application ZZZ doesn't belong on applicaiton environment diagram
  • Application System Scenario of flows or even Applicaiton System Structure?
    • Could work
    • Application system scenario of flows or strcuture could show a landscape of applications
    • But - then I have to ask the question - what is my application system??
      • According to HOPEX documenation, Applicaiton Systems are supposed to group applications fulfill a simlar function.
      • But, in below example, creating an applicaiton system for this grouping of applicaitons doesn't make sense.

Hence, my issue.  I know I can create such landscape of applicaitons viewpoint by using HOPEX Applicaiton System as a starting object.  But, creating an applicaiton system for this group of applications doesn't make sense).   

I suppose, I could create an application system for sole purpose of this project and which would not be reused anywhere else. But that approach seems wrong.




Appreciate any advice on how to think about this in terms of HOPEX


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Hello Ben,

If what you need is to have a "temporary" Diagram describing a landscape showing the scope of a project in terms of applications & applications interactions impacts, that's what we needed some years ago with a previous version of HOPEX and we did not find how to manage that with standard behaviors so we created a new type of Diagram named something like "Project scope" and we use this Diagram to show project's applications landscape and sometimes more by adding also processes,  Master data ... to give a big picture of the scope/impact of the project on our processes, applications, data ....

The Diagram has the project object as entry point which make it by essence a temporary Diagram.


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You could in theory use the Exploded Diagram report to show one diagram inside the other? not sure if that still works..

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Any thoughts or suggestions on the above question?