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MetaAttributes to be defined as duration

Super Contributor

Does anyone know how the "Duration" format should be used?

How can I convert from Short to Long?

It seems that in this case the duration is expressed in seconds and short would easily overflow. However, I would like to convert the existing MetaAttribute form Short to Long instead of deleting and creating new.

Although manual says such conversion is possible, but I get complaints on "Inconsistent format for MetaAttribute". Compilation does not fix the different between physical and meta formats. Even if I set back to Standard format.

  • First Response Time (FRQ): Inconsistent format for MetaAttribute "4CC9890565152CE2" (3234258625572981961). Physical Format (S). Meta Format (L).

The values are displayed correctly, but whenever I change it, I get the above message and the value does not change.

I guess, the physical format should be change from S to L when I do a compilation. Or do I have to do some special database administration steps?

Do I have to use another base format? For example "Date"?

There is absolutely no documentation on this format. Please, add a description to the official manuals.


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Thanks for quick help! This solution should be put into the manuals...




You need to run this conversion in the administration tool: