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Integrating with ServiceNow CMDB

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Anyone out there have a cookbook for integration between ServiceNow and Hopex?  Looking for ServiceNow to be the system of record for the most part and having that content sync over in to Hopex on a frequent basis. 


Thanks much. 


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By a pure coincidence, I’m exactly addressing the same issues.


First of all,I strongly believe that identifying Application Services and Technical Services are objectives of the Enterprise Architecture team, which means replicating from Hopex to ServiceNow and not the other way around. This is mainly the work of an architect to create these catalogues. However, there are a few issues that I will try to explain.


Application Service


It is in Hopex an application component that can’t be deployed in isolation, which delivers one to many application functionalities.


In ServiceNow, it is something I believe quite different. An application service is a logical representation of an "application stack" in use, in a given environment (for example, an application service for production and another for testing).


This stack is in fact an aggregation of applications (in the ServiceNow sense) and hardware which provides a service.


An application service can also aggregate other application services. Application services can be internal, like an email system, or customer-facing, like a website.


For example, creating financial reports through a web application requires a computer, web server, application server, databases, middleware, and network infrastructure.

  • These applications and hosts are configured to offer the financial reporting service
  • In development environments, application services represent instances of a business application or system in different types of environments, such as development, test, or production.


As previously mentioned, we have a different approach between ServiceNow and MEGA Hopex.


A ServiceNow Application Service is a "stack" whereas an Application Service in the MEGA Hopex sense is a component.


Technical Service


Same observations, you need first to create a TRM with Technical Services, from there have your Technical Functionalities, link them to a  technology stack (or any infrastructure), then your infrastructure and finally to your applications. This is a lot of work.


Your Technical Service Catalogue may be exported to ServiceNow but without the relationships, I mentioned, I’m not sure that the ITSM team will be able to achieve this, Finally I’m wondering what is the objective from an ITSM viewpoint those Technical Services? (or maybe Technical Services in ServiceNow has a different meaning?).


Not sure I get it right but this is how until now we have considered the mapping. 


Kind regards

@oguimard I appreciate that info.  

For us, we will have to find a way to manage this type of integration between CSDM and  HOPEX.  We already have some ideas on paper.  Once we have something more mature would be glad to share with community.  



We have not mapped others area of Service Now.


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@oguimard Just looking at this again, and am trying to understand if the Excel with mappings is based on CSDM v3 or previous version.

We are adopting CSDM V3, and I am wondering if there is any mappings from the "Manage Technical Service" domain to HOPEX?

From what I can tell - most of the mappings are from the other three domains: Design, Foundations, Sell/Consume


Specifically, how would these objects be mapped to HOPEX?


  • Application Service
  • Application
  • Technology Service 
  • Technical Service Offering



You can watch some recording of previous webinar :

Attached :

  • sample Excel file to do mapping with service now. 
  • the slide you see in those videos



Great links!  We are in V5.  Is there any detailed documentation on the field mapping?






If you are in V3/V4 you can learn more about such subject here :

If you are in V5 you can learn more here :