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Inserting a new command on right-click

New Contributor


I am looking to show a list of queries to choose from as a command when right-clicking on an object. We would like to be able to right-click on any object in HOPEX and have a button that says 'queries' on the menu, where the button will have an arrow on the far right of the button (such as the 'new' button), that opens all names of all end-user (stereotype metaattribute value) queries with a starting point of that particular object's metaclass. For example, when right-clicking on an operation in a diagram, the right-click menu would include a 'queries' button to toggle over (the arrow) for a menu of query names to appear. The queries would be applicable to an operation because the populating metaclass of all queries shown would match, or in other words, be 'operation'. Thanks

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