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ID Converter (From HexaIdAbs to Absolute identifier) needed for UAS


When calling HOPEX REST API you need to provided the absolute identifier of the environment and the repository. You will find below some explaination on how and where to find this information.


In HOPEX V3 on the server side you can access the :

  • HexaIdAbs of the environment in the megasite.ini located in the installation folder. Default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\MEGA\HOPEX V3\Cfgmegasite.png
  • HexaIdAbs of the repository in the megaenv.ini located in the environment folder. Default path is C:\Users\Public\Documents\HOPEX V3megaenv.png

You can find the ID converter in the installation of HOPEX V3. Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\MEGA\HOPEX V3\Utilities\HOPEX Server SupervisorcovnerterIDlocation.png

Should you not have it you can use the attached file to this post. Simply unzip and launch the executable file. 


Procedure :

  • Launch the Hopex ID Converter executable
  • In the "INI" file copy the HexaIdAbs you want to convert (from the megasite or megaenv)
  • Paste the value in the hexa idabs (16 char)
  • Select the below field cn64 idabs (12 char)
  • Then right click "copy"
  • Paste it wherever you need to use it


To get an detailed explaination watch the following video


2 Replies

In HOPEX V3/V4 you need to be on the server to access the ID of the environment. Thus as you are on the server you have access to this tool. You cannot performed what is described here on the web.




New Contributor

If I have the web version. How to access this data?