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How to quickly add multiple applicaitons to an Application portfolio?

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I am trying to add about 127 applications to an existing application portfolio.


I can create a query using Advanced Query tool


I get the correct list of 127 applications.


But, From the results, I can not add them to a portfolio.


when I select all applications, only options I get are:

  • Remove
  • Instant Report
  • Worfklo -> Mass Transition
  • Excel (export)



On the other hand, when I start with the Application Portfolio, and try to add applictions to it,  I get the query dropdown - but my custom querry doesn't appear on the dropdown - nor is it clear how to add it there:



How do I add my custom query to appear in this dropdown?


Appreciate any help.




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Just wanted to add what I learned today.   If you select the Application option - you can use the Advanced Query to search for the list of applications to add to your portfolios.





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Applications are connected to a Portfolio via an intermediate object called an Initiative. This is why you cannot directly connect multiple Applications at once as each one needs an initiative created. That PropertyPage has the macros needed to do that.

The easiest way, if you have a large number is to export the apps to Excel and then import them from Excel using the ITPM / ITBM connect them to the right portfolio.

You could also just filter the list from the standard page on some attribute that you have set? (this presumes they are not already in another Portfolio)

You could also in theory copy that PropertyPage and change the query to your new one as well, but that involves metamodel changes and it may not be worth it for a one time use.