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How to hide or undisplay message flows from structure diagrams?

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We're trying to understand how to hide message flows from structure diagrams. For example, in an Application System Structure diagram.


We tried right-clicking the Interaction object, and then selecting the "Shapes and Details" option, like this:


But, this brings up a menu which has 2 issues:  1) it is hard to understand how to use it 2) No combination of options actually hides the message flows.


Lastly,   we tried using the Views and Details setting of the diagram to disable option for displaying the message flows  for all Interactions on the page.


However,  this setting did not make any difference. No matter what I changed - the message flows remained visible.














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@PBessodes  Thank you again!  Your solution works - both for hiding individual flows but as well for hiding global flows by selecting all objects (CTRL-A).

However - this is a very bad UX.  Virtually impossible for end-user to discover or even read in documentation.

We plan to document this for our users with a video tutorial.   But we are hoping things like this are fixed in Aquila  - if not already.  


You can hide message flows but I agree this is not user friendly and interface is misleading. It is definitly something we need to fix/improve.

When you create an Interaction, 3 objects are created in fact : The interaction itself and 2 endpoints (provider and consumer ends). More other, 3 types of messages flows exist : outcomes, upstream contents (messages sent by provider and received by consumer) and downstream contents (messages sent by consumer and received by provider).


To hide outcome mesage, you need to open Shapes and Details menu on Interaction (click on name/middle of the shape) and de-select "Display" check box of "Outcome" option


To hide downstream contents, you need to open Shapes and Details menu on Provider Interaction Endpoint and de-select "Display" check box of "InteractionEndPoint Downstream Contents" option.

PBessodes_3-1699529433412.png   PBessodes_2-1699529273312.png

To hide upstream contents, you need to open Shapes and Details menu on Consumer Interaction Endpoint and de-select "Display" check box of "InteractionEndPoint Upstream Contents" option.

It is possible to hide messages for all interactions in diagram by selecting all interactions or objects (CTRL+A) and opening Shapes and Details menu (you just open the Interaction or Interaction Endpoints trees to find same options that will apply on whole selection).



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@PBessodes Any thoughts on this one?