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How to change (increase) resoluiton when using "save the picture as" option in diagrams?

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Some of our HOPEX created diagrams will need to be exported as images (JPG/PNG).


We're finding that out-of-box resolution of the images is too low.


I have tried to understand how to increase resolution but can not find any info in the documentation.


Any help appreciated.


For context, here are the menu options I'm referring to:







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Hi there,

I have the same issue.

Manipulating SVG files is still a pain today (I am using in office 2016).
It's a good idea to promote up-to-date / new formats but why does MEGA prevent from using exiting ones like JPG/PNG ? The resolution of JPG/PNG is so low that it is useless, it's a shame.

Unfortunately, we are manipulating sensible data that can't be converted with online tools.
Is there any way to increase JPG/PNG quality ?
Please note that SVG format is still far less used that JPG/PNG.

Kind regards,


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Hi @TDucher @LMeden 

Yes, I've tried SVG. Its a great option to have.


Our use case is to insert HOPEX generated diagrams into Confluence pages.


Right now, 

  • inserting PNG or JPG results in low res. image.
  • inserting SVG into Confluence results in gray thumbnail (image displays OK once clicked on)

Seems the answer is there is no way to increase the PNG/JPG resolution from a configuration menu in HOPEX.

Depending on the context I would also recommend to use SVG. It works great in e.g. PowerPoint, Word and when converting to PDF. And if you need to crop in Word/PowerPoint click the inserted image and select the Graphics Format.

2022-04-19 14_24_36-Document1 - Word.png

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Did you try to use SVG format ? In that case the Image is always perfect even when zomming in 500%.