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How execute a query in VB Script

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First, I wish you an happy new year 2024.

Question 1 : when executing a query, it's possible to save the result in a set by using keep

Example :
Select [Application] into @Apli
Keep @Appli

Is it possible to list all saved set ?

Question 2:

We want to execute a query in VBScript.

If query implementation = "Select", we can use VBScript Code below

set oQuery = mgobjObject.GetRoot.GetObjectFromId("QueryName")
sQuery = oQuery.Getprop("_Select")
set cOjb = mgobjObject.GetRoot.GetSelection(sQuery)

But if query implementation = "macro", how can we execute the query in VBScript ?

I thank you for your help

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Hi MRenoud,

Question2 (Macro query from VBScript)

There are numerous examples of this in the code.

This is an example from the Value View - Max.Update Tool macro

Set queries = oRoot.GetCollection("~nriwOLWsQXRS[Queries without mandatory parameters]")

Hopefully this helps