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Hopex indicators - Is this really part of IRM only?

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I'm quite supprised to see how the Hopex indicator meta class has been adopted by the IRM module.

In my world you can talk about 

KPI = Key performance indicators belonging to processes

KRI = Key risk indicators belonging to monitor when risks can materialize. 
Indicators have relations to objectives driving proces performance. When putting processes under pressure we introduce risk, so the two areas are related. 

But saying indicators is only a part of risk is wrong after my opinion, and driving indicators in the wrong direction

Indicators should be part of "Hopex Meassure" when you get so far with the product.

Measure is the voice of processes. This is how you can tell if you processes work as intended.


You can be inspired by SIPOC and DMAIC.

Best regards

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Hello @cnisparnorddk,


Thank you for sharing your opinions on the IRM solution. If you would like to share your idea in a place where more MEGA Developers will get a chance to see the idea, and review if they would like to adopt it into Hopex, please follow this link.


Here, you can post ideas and track if they are accepted or not. 


Thank you and kind regards,


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