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HOPEX V5 - does it support Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server 2017?

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Hello Community,

We are planning to upgrade from HOPEX V4 to HOPEX V5. The documentation mentioned SQL Server 2019 as the recommended software for DB Server. Will SQL Server 2017 work as well?

Also, is there a provision to migrate from SQL Server to Oracle Server. Does HOPEX V5 support Oracle?


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Thank you for your prompt response. Does HOPEX support any other Database, apart from Mircrosoft SQL Server?



Oracle database as an RDBMS storage is not supported, and there is no plan to support it.

Recommended version for Microsoft SQL Server :

  • SQL Server 2022, preferred choice if you have no constraint. The purpose is to be in the most recent version with longest support from Microsoft.
  • SQL Server 2019 minimum as per our official documentation.
  • SQL Server 2017 is compatible but is not supported by our MEGA support policy. Should you encountered an issue with this version you won't get any fixes. Moreover it is out of Mainstream support from Microsoft point of view we do not recommend it for new installation.