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HAS Packages

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Good morning dear community,

I have the following question, when I want to import HAS packages in another development environment to production, how should this import be done.

The HAS package is imported, then it is updated and must be compiled?
Or after having loaded all the HAS packages and having done to each package its due update in the environment I must compile, or it is updated and compiled one by one to carry all the data, Thank you.

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This question is not 100% clear, but I think you are asking:

When I import multiple packages (mgl, mgr files) do I need to do a Translate and Compile after each import, or just at the end?

You can import multiple files and then only do a single Translate and Compile at the end.  You don't need to do the compile after each file.

The recommended method to promote changes from development to production in V5 is the customization module: this allow grouping of changes into a single package:

HOPEX Application Server Customization (