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GraphQL endpoints


The REST API heavily leverage the GraphQL framework. The GraphQL framework enable to have only one endpoint for all REST API call.


To ease navigation in the HOPEX platform repository we have created endpoint for each solution. The endpoint correspond to the published schema :

  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/ITPM
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/BPA
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/GDPR
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/Audit


Others endpoints are available for focused topics like :

  • upload/download of documents
  • download of diagrams


Synchronous versus Asynchronous

The endpoint can be called in synchronous or asynchronous way. 

  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/async/ITPM
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/async/BPA
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/async/GDPR
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/async/Audit

More information here :


Version of the endpoint

The endpoint can also have version if the schema evolve overtime. In that case the particular version of the endpoint can be call by adding the version number on the URL.

  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/v3/ITPM
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/v3/BPA
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/v3/GDPR
  • https://<<server url>>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/v3/Audit




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Read this article for the endpoint for the diagram export 

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

What is the endpoint to download the diagram and how to use it?