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Exporting / Importing Risk Owner

New Contributor

Hi All,

I am new to HOPEX and starting to use the IRM functionality.  

The question I have is around creating an import template (using the export functionality) that includes the Risk Owner.  It doesn't seem to be in the standard list of attributes available for selection in the list for a Risk object.

Has anyone run into this issue before or can offer any advice on how to get this working?

Thanks in advance,


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New Contributor

Hi mbergamini,

Thanks again for great advice - that has really helped!

Best regards,


Hello Julian,

Indeed the template was not created to also manage Factors and Consequences, but it is extensible, indeed (as I think you did to create Factors and Consequences).
So, you can add 2 more Sheets to manage the 2 links you need:
- Risk - Factor
- Risk Consequence
with the following configuration: (no need to add columns below)


And in the generated Sheets you can add the names of your Risks and Factors/Consequences



Hi mbergamini,

After setting up an export as per your screenshot this is now working. Many thanks for your post! 

I have progressed on to setting up Risk Factors and Consequences now and unfortunately run into another issue; I am able to create new Factors and Consequences in the system using an import template. However I can't work out how to associate them with a risk (during the import). Is this something you have experience of also?

Thanks in advance and best regards,



Hello Julian,

Responsibilities are not managed as attributes, but as an intermediate object to define WHO has WHICH responsibility on WHICH object. This is a shared management across all the solutions in HOPEX.

To add these information to your Excel file, you should add a new sheet with the following information:



And then fill it with all the details: