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Error when importing Exhibited Capabilities via ITBM Template

Honored Contributor


We are getting this error when trying to import Exhibited Capabilities to a Stage of an Enterprise.

The lineObjectMacro didn't return any megaobject idabs




  • Enterprise , Enterprise Stage and Business Capabilities are already created in the repository
  • We are trying to set multiple Exhibited Capabilities for a stage using Excel ITBM template
  • We are using the latest ITBM template - downloaded from HOPEX Import from Excel menu.
  • No other worksheet in the template has data - just the Exhibited Capabilities worksheet
  • We have tried adding Absolute Identifiers (of the business capabilities) in column A of the "Exhibited Capabilities" worksheet, but get same error.

Are we doing something wrong - or is there an issue with the template?

Would appreciate any suggestions.



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