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Error when compiling environment

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Good afternoon dear Mega community, at this time I have a problem when I want to compile my environment, I get the following error described in the image below
In the same way I leave described the error comment if you do not let them see the image

Warning: Compilation event occurred while processing [MetaAssociation (post compilation)]MetaAssociation property (4D414FE0580E190C)

**Error**: Two specific MetaAssociations with the same endpoints were detected for MetaAssociationEnd Summary 'Repository Item Group-Included Object-Repository Content Object'[4D414FE0580E190C]: 'Package-Package-Included Package'[417162F832C20183] and 'Annotation Creation Block-Annotation Container Property-Annotation Creation Block'[72DE7E1358C22D0F]. -apibufli.cpp(421) 0x84C1

Does anyone know why it throws this error and how to fix this kind of errors in Mega Hopex v5 version?
Thank you dear community I remain attentive

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