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Error on using AddAttachment Method

Trusted Contributor

Hello community,

Please help me understand and solve this error. I am using HOPEX V4CP4

I am using the AddAttachment method for adding attachments to an email.


Please find below code snippet:

Set mail = mgRoot.CurrentEnvironment.ToolKit.MegaMailSender

attachmentPath = "E:\Reports\" & docName  

mail.AddAttachment attachmentPath


I am getting the following error on the highlight line.


PID(7064);Thread(5376);Time(18:16:21);Session(USER T); Script error "Error(0x800a01b6) : Object doesn't support this property or method: 'mail.AddAttachment'" at Line 144 :
PID(7064);Thread(5376);Time(18:16:21);Session(USER T); Certificate Email Notification (Approved by DGM) : Microsoft VBScript runtime error
PID(7064);Thread(5376);Time(18:16:21);Session(USER T);error Application: 0x01020101: intfpage.cpp(1180)
PID(7064);Thread(5376);Time(18:16:21);Session(USER T); Already reported Error(0x80020101)
PID(7064);Thread(7808);Time(18:19:52);Session(USER T);CONTEXT:ThreadName(Pool);CurrentMacro(rmg0ovmZEvCN);
PID(7064);Thread(7808);Time(18:19:52);Session(USER T);error Application: 0x01008012: rpcookies.cpp(984)
PID(7064);Thread(7808);Time(18:19:52);Session(USER T);CONTEXT:ThreadName(Pool);

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