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Differences between 3 type of Servers ? (Server (Deployed), Server, IT Server)

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As far I know, HOPEX has 3 MetaClasses of Servers:

  • Server (Deployed)
  • Server
  • IT Server

Is anyone can please help to explain the differences between those 3 type of servers ?

I am a little bit confused. HOPEX Documentation doesn't work for me.

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The "IT Server" is defined by the architect as an abstract template aggregating the requirements for a deployment. But it will not list all the dozens of actual deployed instances. The architect has nothing to do with this.
The Project Manager will take care about installing the same abstract IT server functionality into multiple physical sites with multiple instances. These are the "Server(Deployed)" objects.
We need two different MetaClasses because these are very different models. They cannot be the same.
Theoretically, you could use the Variation feature to have a similar affect, but this explicit separation looked to be more appropriate for ease of use.
Matter of taste... Like so many things in modeling.
You might have a very generic meta-model with aggregation/composition and generalization/specialization and then you create whatever you need.
However, the goal of HOPEX is to promote generally accepted professional practices.
If you do not like those, you could still do your own customization...



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I can't really find anything descriptive about this subject either.

ITPM = Server(Deployed)

IT Arc = IT Server

Why don't all profiles use the same metaclass?

Next question. How should I manage physical virtual separation?

Sorry, the first item is "IT Service" not "IT Server". Too quick typing...


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IT Service --- functional perspective only, a set of related functions that are called internally by local procedure calls, abstract, does not relate to a specific deployment or instance, also called as software functional block - contrast this with Micro-Service that could be access only by remote procedure calls

Server --- this is a generic IT resource that could host software, application, also known as IT Server, a specialization of Computing Devices, could be an abstract presentation of an infrastructure architecture
Server (Deployed) --- this is a specific context of a generic server resource as it is deployed in a certain environment, it is a concrete instance, no abstraction here
I am still trying to decode the meta model intentions. Sometimes it is really challenging. Now I have hundreds of pages of private know-how, since the official manuals are usually does not help at all in such matters... 🙂




You can also find the description in the property page of the metaclass ( texts --> comments)

Ex: Server Metaclass




Please let me know if you have any questions.








What I can initially gather is each concept is tied to different Hopex Products and diagram types, most likely as a means to tailor it to specific roles/approaches:








I hope that helped 🙂