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Difference between files with extension .MGR and .MGL

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Good morning dear community, I have a question regarding the files or export extensions of MegaV5, could you tell me the difference between .MGR and .MGL, characteristics of each extension and when passing information which is better the .MGR or .MGL, which of the two passes information or complete data, when I need to move from one repository to another.


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The documentation is available here :

Outside of subtleties (see doc above) : 

- MGR is an export format, it contains the state of an object / repository at a given point in time

- MGL is a logfile format, it contains the modifications between two states of the repository (e.g. as opposted to MGR, it also contains deletions commands)

note : XMG is the XML format of either of the above

Both are useful, depends what you want to do.