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Connect Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) to HOPEX via GraphQL Rest API

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I have successfully connected both POSTMAN and Microsoft PowerBI to HOPEX (v5) using the HOPEXGraphQL api (/HOPEXGraphQL/api/ITPM) as they are both a simple passthrough API call

However, I am having real issues doing the same with Microsoft Flow (previously Power Automate).

I continuously get a 500 error:

"error": {
"code": 500,
"message": "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond",
"source": "",
"path": "forward-request",
"policyId": "",
"clientRequestId": "xxxx"

Initially I thought this was a "whitelisting" issue - as Microsoft Flow sends it's API calls from behind a "proxy" (in this case  However, after having the source added to our "whitelist", the call is still not working.

Has anyone had any success with connecting Microsoft Flow (via the use of a "custom connector") to HOPEX (v5)?


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Many thanks for the response.  Whilst the error message is indeed generated by Microsoft Power Automate (not HOPEX), the error points to (what was a suspected) issue with the Whitelisting within the HOPEX environment (not allowing connections from the Azure cluster of API proxies).

This issue is now resolved and for anyone else facing this issue, the solution is/was to contact MGS and have them amend the whitelisting to allow connections from the Azure cluster of API proxies that Microsoft Power Automate uses to issues REST and GraphQL API calls.



The error message doesn't seem to be generated by HOPEX. Maybe you should ask the question in Microsoft flow forums.