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Capturing Architecture Decision with HOPEX

Honored Contributor

Hi All,

I'm looking for some guidance on capturing architecture decision with HOPEX.

Specifically, under Governance tab of an Application - there is a Decision section.

There are several decision categories out-of-box.

  • Are these categories customizable?
  • Can decisions be entered for an Application System object?
  • Only documentation I could find is here (link) but that doesn't address this feature fully

Does anyone use HOPEX as ADR system? Would love to hear your experience.

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We are just starting to introduce more efficient Governance tools in Hopex.
Today decisions are managed via "Decision Type" and "Decision Option" (possible values of decision) that can be linked to the Building Block concerned. You can create new Decision types and Decision Options if you want.
Nearly all BB can be linked to a decision but today we show it only in the application UI ("Governance" property page). It is possible to show it for other BB by copying the way it is done for application.

We will add a generic decision type with 2 values ("Yes" and "No") in Hopex Aquila to record any type of decision.