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Can Default Library be set at Repository or Environment Level?

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For data quality reasons, we ask our users to set their default library manually.

Many fail to do so - which causes issue when they create objects.

Is there a way to set the Default Library for users at Repository or Environment level?  For example,  when a new user logs into HOPEX for first time with SSO - when Person System object is automatically created - the Default Library is set.

I tried searching documentation - but did not find if this is possible.


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In my organization, all users login via SSO and their Person System object is created automatically on first login.  Each users belongs to a specific Person Group - based on the security AD group membership on our org's Active Directory.

Now, we prefer that each users sets a default library  for their day-to-day work, rather than leaving the manually created objects without any library. 

However, the issue is that users often forget to do this manual step to set their "Current Library".    We would like to  have an ability to set a  default "current library" for all Person Groups.


Thanks @rsutcliffe . Will log an Idea.


Hello @BenAvdicevic ,

I do not believe that this is currently possible in the way that you are looking to do. I explored around to see if it was possible to set a default library to a user group, but that did not seem possible either. It might be possible through a customization, but has the potential of being difficult considering that Library is a data object, and not a system object. 

Perhaps try to submit an idea, and the developers will be able to consider this for future versions of Hopex. 

Thank you and kind regards,


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MEGA Partner


After creating the user, you can assign the default library. I am attaching the relevant image