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Application Environment versus Application Landscape diagrams

Honored Contributor

Hi Mega community,


We're finding that many architects in our organization use Application Environment diagram to model  application landscape - instead of a context diagram.


Application Environment is clearly meant to be a hub-and-spoke type diagram - with subject application in the middle.  Objects it interacts with go around it.  And generally - you don't show level 2 or level 3 interactions.  Finally - you don't show interaction between "partner" applications.

But HOPEX doesn't restrict the application environment diagram in any way.  For example,


  • You can add multiple subject applications
  • You can add interactions between Partner objects 
  • The diagram does not have to look like hub-and-spoke at all.


Application landscape diagram is quite different. 

  • There isn't a subject
  • It is not a hub-and-spoke diagram 
  • You can model interactions between any objects


So, instead of using an Application System object to model a landscape - many of our architects create an Application Environment and then model a landscape.  This creates problems from standardization and consistency.     We find we have to re-educate the team on Application Environment diagrams a lot to avoid this.


I just wanted to call out this as an issue - and see if other users have seen something similar in their organizations.


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I would still love to hear other orgs. approach to this.   Is this a challenge for you?  How do you deal with this?

Honored Contributor

Any thoughts on this?  Are other organizations having a similar challenge with these two diagrams?