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A corrective patch is available in HOPEX V2 - Download & Updates


Installation procedure:

Follow the document 'How to upgrade CP HOPEX V2 EN'

General notes:
With HOPEX V2, CP are provided as .EXE files. It is possible to get a file .MSP file from the .EXE file.

If hotfixes have been installed, uninstall them (from Windows Control Panel) before installing CP.



HOPEX V2 CP05.0 delivers various fixes and robustness improvements.

Note in particular:

  • Web connection is not supported with GBMS storage KB 00005222
  • Change of undo behavior with private workspace KB 00007128
  • Facilitate configuration of operators according to option 'Definition of path of MetaAssociation' in MetaAssociation properties
  • Improved robustness in creation wizard
  • Fix regarding customization of style in Reports
  • Fix regarding creation of Software Technology (Workflow)
  • Fix regarding loading of a large matrix
  • Incorrect display of items selected in list of property pages (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016)
  • Security fixes
  • Fixes regarding time machine
  • Fixes regarding full search
  • Fixes regarding Reporting Datamart
  • Fixes regarding undo/redo
  • Fixes regarding collaborative workspaces
  • Incorrect strings after upgrade to HOPEX V2 (French language)

Fixes related to cases open with Technical Support are documented in the document Fix list for MEGA HOPEX V2cp5.0 .