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HOPEX 360 our new enterprise portal for HOPEX IT Business Management, released in HOPEX V4, now includes the ability to display the organization’s strategy and the strategic roadmap. In addition, it now includes business process diagrams from HOPEX Business Process Analysis and architecture diagrams from HOPEX IT Architecture. With HOPEX 360, you can easily share information about your enterprise assets across your organization including applications, technologies, business capabilities, business processes and application architecture in one space. Additionally, it uses a CIO dashboard to monitor the main KPIs of your transformation initiative and share results. As a reminder, HOPEX 360 is available for HOPEX V3 and HOPEX V4.



Integration of BIAN and BA Guild

When starting a new EA project, it is easier not to start from scratch. That’s why, some content is now provided for HOPEX IT Business Management to help you speed up your business architecture initiative.


  • Business Architecture Guild

Integration HOPEX Business Architecture Guild.jpg


BA Guild reference models include capability maps and data concepts. BA Guild models are either common models or industry specific: insurance, government, financial services, transportation. They are available as a solution pack in the HOPEX Store. (Note that reference models are only available to BA Guild members)


  • BIAN models

Integration HOPEX BIAN.jpg


BIAN provides standardized frameworks for the banking industry. In HOPEX, BIAN members can import BIAN models in the ArchiMate format, using a conversion tool available in the HOPEX Store.

Please note that the BA Guild requires HOPEX V3 and BIAN requires HOPEX V3 CP4. HOPEX For the ArchiMate framework is also needed to import BIAN source file.



BIAN Business capability map


HOPEX V5 Preview


New business capability map

To support a better user experience and allow you to dynamically navigate across business capabilities and sub-business capabilities, business capability maps are going to be enhanced with a new column layout. For greater clarity, maps will display two levels of business capabilities. Users will be able to zoom inside the sub-levels of business capabilities by clicking on the top capability. A button will allow them to display the business capabilities in horizontal or vertical layout. A legend pane will display the color-coded criteria used to assess applications supporting business capabilities.




Diagram auto-alignment and initialization in HOPEX IT Architecture

To facilitate the creation of HOPEX IT Architecture environment diagrams, users will be able to automatically align objects inside the diagram. Additionally, diagrams will be automatically generated based on the application flows already existing in the HOPEX repository that have been created either in HOPEX IT Architecture or HOPEX IT Portfolio Management/IT Business Management.


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