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In summary, HOPEX V5 represents the Next-Gen EA platform with:

  • Connected EA: connecting on a single repository EA with BPM, Data, Risk perspectives
  • Automation: with automatic discovery of applications, processes, and data; and many auto-diagraming functionalities to accelerate projects and improve productivity
  • Smart insights and recommendations: with our new dashboarding engine quickly build your own dashboards to analyze the data. We also developed a new smart recommendation functionality for application rationalization and cloud migration.

Here is an overview of some of the main additions and improvements you’ll find in HOPEX V5:

Check out the full HOPEX V5 Release Note for more information on the release.


Many improvements are meant to accelerate EA projects from strategy to execution. This is achieved by automating the data collection with application discovery, increasing the business focus of ITBM with more powerful and flexible capability maps and the addition of customer journeys. This new version also introduces smart recommendations to help you take objective data-driven decisions on application rationalization and cloud migration.


New User Interface


Menu entries have been reduced to a manageable number and reorganized to give the product a more business oriented ergonomic.

01 - MEGA HOPEX ITBM Menus (2).jpg

Main improvements are:

  • Quick access to Business Capability Map Breakdown reports (box in box), via the “Business Architecture / Capability Maps” menu item
  • Direct access to Applications and Technologies through dedicated menu entries
  • A new “Tools” menu entry, listing business and use case-oriented functionalities
  • All main concepts of the solution are accessible via the “Inventories” menu


Property pages

Property pages now use multicolumn to maximizes the use of the available space. Colorful Indicators clearly highlight the current status and calculated properties of the main concepts.




Automatic Data Collection

It is now possible to automatically discover all your applications and technologies with our native Eracent integration. This integration will help you quickly populate your repository with all applications and technologies running on you network, from Data Centers to Desktops and mobile devices. Eracent’s IT Management Center (ITMC) Discovery empowers users with broad discovery, inventory and utilization features that provide a complete and up-to-date picture of your entire network environment


Capability Maps

Capability Maps have been greatly enhanced in HOPEX V5, with the possibility to apply multiple filters to and to display legends…

03 - MEGA HOPEX ITBM Capability Maps.png


Customer Journey Mapping

A new Customer Journey Mapping module is now included in ITBM to enhance the business support. It allows enterprise architects to better engage with business stakeholders with a customer centric view.

Capabilities can now be linked to touchpoints, to support a Business Architecture use case for Customer Journey

04 - MEGA HOPEX ITBM Customer Journey Map.jpg


Smart Recommendations

ITPM/ITBM now includes Smart Recommendations support data-driven decisions and a mechanism to record them. Smart recommendations are provided to help you rationalize your application portfolio following the TIME methodology (Tolerate, Invest, Modernize, Eliminate)

05 - MEGA HOPEX ITBM TIME analysis.jpg


Smart recommendations also apply to Cloud Migration giving portfolio managers keys and recommendations on whether an application should be migrated on the cloud, and how. Possible decisions are known as the 6 “R”: (Rehosting, Re-platforming, Refactoring, Retiring, Retaining, Repurchase)

06 - MEGA HOPEX ITBM Cloud Migration Analysis.jpg


HOPEX IT Architecture

Many new functionalities in HOPEX IT architecture focus on facilitating the work of solution architects. They can now simply leverage a library of cloud services (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) to quickly model cloudarchitectures. New wizards accelerate the initialization of environment diagrams and new modeling capabilities have been added to model integration chains and micro-services.

Last but not least the solution UI/UX has been modernized and aligned with the same style sheet as all other HOPEX solutions.



Many improvements have been made to simplify the usage of the solution and make the navigation more intuitive

  • The solution has been switched to the new desktop look and feel and the menus have been reviewed and rationalized.

07 - MEGA HOPEX IT Architecture Desktop.jpg

  • New rules for IT Architecture shapes have been set to improve look and readability.
  • Property pages have been improved using columns to display attributes.


Modeling capabilities

Integration Chain: with this new modeling capability users can now design integration chain using the Enterprise Integration Pattern notation. This model allows to design integration process supporting application flow from all HOPEX scenarios of flows

08 - MEGA HOPEX IT Architecture Integration chain modeling.jpg


Business Capability Map and Functional Map: an improved Business Capability (tree) diagram has been added to come closer to former City Planning diagram and extend the features to Functionality (tree) diagram.

09 - MEGA HOPEX IT Architecture Business Capability Maps.png


Auto positioning: HOPEX provides an auto-positioning feature in environment diagrams (structure or scenario of flows diagram) of Application System, Application etc.

Wizards for environment diagrams: IT Architecture proposes an initialization wizard for environment diagrams (structure or scenario of flows diagram) of Application System and Application. The wizard searches and proposes all existing application flows (or interactions) defined in the repository around the environment “subject” and propose to “reuse” some of them in the new diagram. User selects which contents and partners he wants to “reuse” and wizard creates corresponding needed objects.


Cloud Services

It is possible to import in HOPEX the cloud service catalogs of Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (GCS). Import files contain service cloud names and images.

Cloud service (or IT Device) can be used in Deployment Architecture to define prescription for deployable package hosting solution. Cloud service (or IT Device) image will then be displayed in the deployable package shape.

10 - MEGA HOPEX IT Architecture Cloud Services.jpg


Micro Services

It is now possible to add a micro-service in a deployment architecture (as a self-deployed component).

11 - MEGA HOPEX IT Architecture Micro Services modeling.jpg


HOPEX Business Process Analysis

HOPEX BPA benefits from many improvements to ensure you can fully support process enhancement projects starting from Process Discovery to understand how your operations are really executed, Process Simulation to compare various transformation scenario, a modernized Process Modeling engine and new dashboarding capabilities to monitor the progress of your process initiatives.



HOPEX BPA benefits from the new dashboarding engine with new report data set definitions and guidelines to enable building the following dashboard:

12 - MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Dashboard.png


Process diagrams comparison

Processes duplicates can be visually compared for an efficient gap analysis of new / modified / deleted items.

  • Filter created / modified / deleted items highlighting
  • Use slide, column, or vertical display mode

13 - MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Process Comparaison.jpg


Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey Mapping module has been enhanced with the possibility to link touchpoints to capabilities and the UI/UX improved with a new look and feel and the possibility to edit the diagram once automatically created with the tabular entry

14 - MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Customer Journey Mapping.png


Process Simulation

The HOPEX Process Simulation option for HOPEX Business Process Analysis adds the quantitative analysis capabilities to the process description, so as to close the loop of continuous process improvement cycle

  • Import process description and performance metrics from Process Mining tools
  • Initialize simulation data (e.g., operations performing time and statistical distribution, use log as input distribution) based on Process Mining inputs
  • Run what if simulation scenarios to assess improvement assumptions, and produce reports

15 - MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Simulation.jpg


Process Mining

  • Process Discovery
    • Improved ability to import BPMN process description from Process Mining tools and beautify layout using auto layout
    • Conversely, the standard BPMN export can be used to perform Process Conformance analysis in Process Mining tools
  • Process Analysis
    • New feature to import a Process Mining “Process Map” snapshot
    • New Process Mining results reports showing these Process Mining metrics as heatmap and tables.

16 - MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Process Mining 1.png

17 -  MEGA HOPEX Business Process Analysis Process Mining 2 (2).png


HOPEX Data Governance

In the digital world we live in, managing data as a strategic asset is imperative to support business transformation and build innovative business models. This is why in HOPEX V5 we introduce a new HOPEX Data Governance solution to help CDOs and the Data Office to understand how data is captured, used and transformed.  The solution easily connects to multiple data sources thanks to data discovery and out-of-the-box connectors to quickly build data repositories. It supports all data stakeholder missions (data knowledge, quality, compliance…) and benefits from synergies with EA, BPM and GRC to understand how data is managed and exchanged between applications, how it is used in business processes and how to ensure data compliance leveraging HOPEX GRC functionalities. HOPEX Data Governance includes all features of HOPEX Information Architecture plus many new modules and functionalities needed to perform data governance.


18 - MEGA HOPEX Data Governance Functional coverage.jpg

HOPEX Data Governance functional coverage


Data Discovery

The solution industrializes data discovery from multiple data sources: databases, NoSQL, Big Data, ERP, CRM… The data discovery module can be used in online or standalone mode on premise.

19 -  MEGA HOPEX Data Governance Data Discovery.jpg


Data Catalog & Business Glossary

The data catalog is obtained through automatic data discovery and can be enriched manually​​, one or more data catalogs can be created to manage specific metadata scopes for specific organizations, to achieve quantitative and qualitative goals and compliance purposes for targeted regulatory and Business policies.

Collaboration is facilitated via a user-friendly workflow to validate data models and quickly build a repository of data catalogs and data models.

20 - MEGA HOPEX Data Governance Data Catalog validation workflow.jpg


Discovered Data Asset as meta dataset, meta field, metadata inventory can be used to initialize Business Information and to build the Business Glossary.

21 - MEGA HOPEX Data Governance Data Catalog.jpg


Data Quality –Lineage and Compliance

Data Quality Managers can define Data Quality Policies to describe how data should exist to be useful and usable within an organization and classify data them by Data Quality dimensions. They can assess data quality though campaigns and monitor data quality status and evolution.

The solution also supports Data Lineage to uncover the life cycle of data to understand and visualize how data flows from data sources to consumption.

22 - MEGA HOPEX Data Governance Data Lineage.jpg


HOPEX Data Governance provides an integration that allows you to access the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) library of compliance documents and controls. From UCF Data user can import regulatory frameworks content enriched by UCF Control directive. This allows companies to reduce the time and cost of Data compliance.


HOPEX Information Architecture

HOPEX Information Architecture addresses the needs of the Data Architects covering the conceptual, logical and physical description of data. In this release the product benefit from a modernized and simplified UI and a Data Source Extractor now supporting 64-bits drivers and ODBC data sources.



HOPEX Information Architecture Desktop is improved and simplified to be easier to use. It highlights the part of the glossary for the definition of terms, concepts and their domains.

23 -  MEGA HOPEX Information Architecture Desktop.jpg


Data Source Extractor

This tool is now also available both in 32-bits and in 64-bits version to allow the use of 64-bits drivers and ODBC Data Sources.

HOPEX Data Source Extractor can be downloaded from HOPEX Store :

HOPEX Data Source Extractor.png


HOPEX Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

In this new release, HOPEX IRM has been enhanced to fully support the IT compliance use case and we developed a completely new Business Continuity Management module to help you improve operational resiliency.

HOPEX IRM also benefits from a completely modernized UI and many platform improvements such as the new drag and drop questionnaire builder or the new dashboarding engine to facilitate continuous compliance monitoring.


Business Continuity Management (option)

HOPEX IRM now provides a comprehensive Business Continuity Management (BCM) module, allowing organizations to analyze the criticality of their processes via Business Impact Analysis (BIA); build Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and manage disrupting events to ensure the recovery of affected operations within the pre-defined time objectives.

Designed specifically to help organizations plan and manage their operational resiliency by leveraging information stored within Enterprise architecture, HOPEX IRM provides a streamline and simple methodology, wrapped around 4 phases:

25 -  MEGA HOPEX Integrated Risk Management Business Continuity Management.jpg


  1. You can define your Business Continuity scope, by selecting key entities and processes with all their related interdependencies sourced directly from Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis
  2. Based on this selection, you can conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to determine critical activities and their recovery time objectives (RTO) to build the required Business Continuity Plans (BCP)​
  3. Business Continuity Plans can be automatically triggered in case of incidents so that designated personnel know how to respond to the emergency and the steps to recover to a business-as-usual mode as quickly as possible.
  4. Finally, through our real-time reporting, you can monitor the status and progress of your business continuity plans.

26 - MEGA HOPEX Integrated Risk Management Business Continuity Management Dashboard.png


IT Compliance

HOPEX IRM now provides a dedicated template to carry out control assessments starting from a list of applicable regulations, and a set of ready to use reports, in order to fully address the concerns of Compliance Officers and CISOs, helping them demonstrate compliance to applicable regulations, and ensuring IT assets are duly secured.

The new Assessment Template, called Control Assessment by Regulatory Framework, allows organizations to carry out an assessment of Controls in the context of either Applications or Processes, starting from a Regulatory Framework.

Leveraging our partnership with the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), you can select the IT regulatory standards that matter to you with their accompanying controls to be imported directly into HOPEX and then follow a simple 3 steps approach to manage your IT compliance initiative:

27 - MEGA HOPEX Integrated Risk IT ComplianceManagement .jpg


  1. You can map IT controls to your relevant IT assets, sourced directly from the inventory designed in Enterprise Architecture,
  2. Once this mapping is done, using our flexible assessment engine, you can assess those IT controls for effectiveness and to identify and mitigate deficiencies,
  3. Finally, through our real-time reporting capability, you are able to report with confidence and evidence to the board and to the regulatory authorities on your current IT compliance status.


28 - MEGA HOPEX Integrated Risk Management IT Compliance Dashboard.png


Check out the full HOPEX V5 Release Note for more information on the release.