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As of HOPEX V4 CP3, Eracent IT-Pedia is available as an option for HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and HOPEX IT Business Management.


Applications are indeed supported by technology components such as databases (e.g. MS SQL) or software development frameworks (e.g .NET Framework). These technology components are often in large number and are difficult to track. If not updated on a regular basis, they can cause security breaches impacting business objectives.


Eracent IT-Pedia contains information about millions of enterprise products including versions, packages, and variations in which they are offered. It provides information on product End-of-Life and End-of-Support dates and automates the monitoring of technology lifecycles. It enables you to track technology obsolescence and mitigate related technology risks.


The integration is easy to perform in HOPEX. Users simply search technologies in the IT-Pedia Catalog and add them to “My Products” list. An import wizard tool is available to synchronize IT-Pedia data with HOPEX. Once the synchronization is done, imported technologies from IT-Pedia are accessible in HOPEX and include vendor name, release date, end of support, end of extended support.



Technology information stemming from Eracent IT-Pedia in HOPEX


Specific reports such as the Alert report are provided to understand the obsolescence status of the technology portfolio. Portfolio breakdown includes:

  1. Early Usage: technology before release date
  2. Supported Usage: between release date and end of support date
  3. Late Usage: between end of support and end of extended support dates
  4. Unsupported Usage: after extended support date



Alert Report in HOPEX


Please check out this short video about the Eracent IT-Pedia integration with HOPEX. If you’d like to learn more about this new integration, please contact a MEGA representative.



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