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Build an Organizational Chart in HOPEX programmatically

Hello,We are consuming an API using Java to populate Org-Unit details like the Org-Unit Manager and respective Sub-Org Units. The client wants to build the complete Organizational Chart programmatically using the data populated. Kindly share your sug...

windows security pop-up in Hopex portal

Hi Community,In the authentication page of IT Architecture we get windows security pop-up that requets for additionnal login and password.Can you please help us to get rid off this pop-up. Best regardsAsmaa

abaidas by Super Contributor
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Resolved! SAML2 Single SingOn

Hello, Getting the following error and ends in access_denied any idea: The signature verified correctly with the key contained in the signature, but that key is not trustedregards, 

Resolved! Problem with UAS at first access

Hello, As we use Hopex V2R1 which is out of support, I need your help. We've just activate the UAS component (for SSO) and it works when someone is already using Hopex, but at the first access (first in the morning, or when no use during around 30min...

image-2021-12-07-10-25-26-237.png Capture.PNG
PBugnet by Super Contributor
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Regarding Reference Architecture & EA Repository

Hi, I am seeking for some guidance on how can we create and manage Reference Architecture & EA Repository using Hopex. I would like to preserve Ref Architecture diagrams, patterns diagrams and decision tree in the repository. Was wondering if you cou...

aseth by Contributor
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Resolved! cannot download secure server toolkit

hello, im trying to download the toolkit and request for the access, but this error apearthe link is broken or something else? or maybe can anyone please share the toolkit?thank you 

asephg_0-1685530503312.png asephg_1-1685530615056.png asephg_2-1685530640337.png
asephg by MEGA Partner
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Data Access Rule for "Business Capability"

Hi, I created a DAR to restrict editing on "Business Capability" to only a specific "Person group".The DAR is working as expected for the attributes and green folder links, but not for yellow folder ones (e.g. Business capability fulfillment). I made...

How to model write only access to data store?

Hi,I am trying to understand how to model a "write" only access to a data store.I am following documentation on this page: Using Data StoresHere is the relevant screenshot:But there doesn't seem to way to set "write-only" access on the data store obj...


diagram samples

Dear Collegaues,I'm looking for diagram samples for application systems, applications, IT services. I would like to find Application structure, App. deployment architecture, Technical Architecture, etc. diagrams.Can I find it somewhere in the Mega co...

pusztait by New Contributor
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Research using process code

Hello, After modeling out organizational processes, we started assigning unique codes to each process to help identify it. When search for the process using its code nothing appears as the search feature doesn't include a search using the code. Could...

It is possible connect Hopex with Virtual server?

Hi community. We are using HOPEX and it is connected with Service Desk application.Question, it is possible to connect HOPEX with a Virtual Server in order to obtain information about the Virtual server?

RNS by MEGA Partner
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Resolved! Question about Hopex.core.migrate package

I have installed hopex v5 CP6 bundle and was able to create instance and create reference to existing v4 SystemDB and Data.  When I tried to perform "Environment Automatic upgrade" I got a pop-up message "hopex.core.migrate" is not installed.  Do I n...

pgunna by Super Contributor
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Resolved! Profile vs Business Role

hello everyoneDoes someone explain what is the difference between Profile and Business Role on HOPEX?

Fares by Contributor
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Resolved! default user for environment

Hello! I've created an additional environment on production server in order to import test system to it. I can't open environment with Mega or System users. Should I make some server configuration changes for that ?

Alexgor1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Inserted Image using Shape Editor is not Visible

Hello All,I created a new MGS File by inserting an image using the Shape Editor and saved it in the folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\MEGA\HOPEX V4\Mega_Std\pictures.7600\method I also copied the inserted image to MEGA_usr folder as suggested in the fo...

simikadampatta_0-1680002318519.png simikadampatta_1-1680002429582.png

Resolved! Shape Editor - Add images to an element

Hi,I'm trying to create a new shape using the "IT Server" element. as a test using the Shape editor I added a folder png icon inside the IT Server as shown in the image below. I saved this new shape with a new name and compiled the environment in ord...

eortiz_0-1638633792547.png eortiz_1-1638635094547.png eortiz_3-1638635277274.png
eortiz by MEGA Partner
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How to update Application Lifecycle automatically

Hi everyone,We are actively using IT Portfolio Management solution and updating Application Lifecycles by Excel import and we 'd like to know if there is a way to update all Application Lifecycles in mass as we cannot regenerate manually 1900+ Applic...

Use API in a Multithreaded Java environment

To prevent application hang, we have written Plugins for MEGA (MetaCommand) wich do their work in a Multithreaded way.The following is a POC of what we are doing: public void CmdInvoke(MegaObject o, Integer nCmd) { final MegaRoot mRoot = o.getRoo...

alros by Super Contributor
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Resolved! JSON - How to expose custom Metamodel

Hi,In V4 when I need to expose a custom Metamodel section, I create a new Metamodel diagram, add all targeted Metaclasses and associations, then use an OOTB script located in Mega installation folder to generate a JSON file with necessary code.Is thi...