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SSP Error (The Hopex service is stopped (code0) Plugin 4772)

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SSP Error (The Hopex service is stopped (code0) Plugin 4772)


Is there any specific configuration to do when istallting the Hopex V4 application on a server and the License on another one?

I'm asking because I've got an SSP problem , it won't start although I have successfuly conncetd to the license and the windows app works correctly

Here below a screenshot of the error



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It has been a long time when this was posted, the location where the license file is placed, the impersonate user needs to have access to that location. This is a normal behaviour where Windows clinet is working but Web/SSP is not working.

The only possibility as far as I know is, to have it implemented in an Active Directory setup where impersonate user is a domain user and has access to the location where HOPEX license is placed otherwise you cannot give permission to a local user with on a location which is on a different server.

It also seems that you have disabled the UAS authentication otherwise a different error shows up than what you have mentioned.




When using a clustered installation, it is important that your megasite.ini files are pointing to the correct cluster root megasite. And that the clustered megasite has the license properly defined. 


Application Server megasite.ini (Located in cfg folder of installation directory)



Cluster Root megasite.ini with license share defined (Can be located in a separate folder, proper permissions and sharing need to be defined)



You can also find additional information on HOPEX clustered deployments at the following locations in the documentation.








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Try adding the application server to the license tool.