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REST API Documentation


HOPEX Platform come with REST API that can be used in a wide range of use cases.  

The documentation of the endpoints of the HOPEX REST API is available as catalog as well as classical textual documentation.


Full Endpoint documentation


Click here to access the documentation


A Postman collection is published online on the MEGA profile for you to :

  • Get a description of what the API is providing and how it works
  • Get the list of all the available endpoints : GET / POST
  • See example of call request and result : status code, json response format...
  • download ready to use in postman with parameters to adapt to your environment.


Complementary documentation

For HOPEX V3 : 


UAS endpoints documentation 

For HOPEX V3 :






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Thanks for the information.


I have fix the 1st one.


The other 2 are working for me. Are you connected to the MEGA Community ?

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All links are broken....