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Object for Business Service (ITSM) in HOPEX

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Object for Business Service (ITSM) in HOPEX



We have an integration with the ITSM Tool ServiceNow, the application in Hopex goes to ServiceNow. In ServiceNow they use the CSDM 3.0 Framework: 



In ServiceNow they are using the information from the Application to enrich the Application Service with necessary information to creat the Business Service Offering. 


My question is now, architects want to know directly in HOPEX to see which Services are using which application. 

I'm currently searching for a object in HOPEX to represent the Business Service (or Business Service Offering). I saw the Object IT-Service but in the documentation it's not meant to be the Business Service.

Is there even a object to represent the Business Service in HOPEX?


Thank you in advance.


Kind regards


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Hi, I'm having exactly the same issue as I also use the same ITSM platform. Business Services are really different from Business Process and Business Function and I would not do this mapping.


Strangely enough, the documentation refers to Business Services


even if there is a mistake in the text as the Business Services Catalog is defined in the Technical Service Catalog. section!


A business service catalog provides a centralized information source for the business services offered by the service provider organization. It contains a customer-oriented view of the services associated to business capabilities, how they are supposed to be used, the processes that they support as well as the expected service quality level. The business service catalog presents the list of functionalities mentioned as well as implementation recommendations.


You can create a Business Services Catalog but  no Business Services Metaclass! When you add something to the catalog, it is Business Capabilities which pops up



I assume that's the best you can do...but for sure a Business Service is not a Business Capability!

You may want to check if V5 has improved because this is clearly a gap.

Hope this helps.








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Hi, I would say the choice stands between using the Business Process or Business Function object - depending on what other modelling requirements you may have.