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Importing from visio

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We are doing our first diagram in Hopex and we need to import some diagram diagrams in Visio in order to save time and effort. Following the compact instructions from the Hopex help, has not given result. Does anyone know how to proceed?

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This sounds like a bug (which I am not aware of, maybe tied to a specific stencil / MS Visio version ?), please submit a case to the support



HOPEX should recognize all "valid" stencills in the visio file. Have you checked that the symbols not being recognised are real shapes in Visio?

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Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately, even when we use the BPMN nomenclature in Visio, Hopex does not recognise all symbols and leaves them in black.

The steps you need to take are:

  1. Create the object where you want to import the visio drawing into
  2. Launch the import, and in the import dialog, select the file you would like to import
  3. Select Create new configuration - this will create a new mapping file you can use on the next import,  if you have similar Visio files to import. Press Next
  4. In the Visio pages page, you select which pages in the vision file you are going to import, and per visio page, you need to specify on which process you are creating the diagram on, and what type of diagram you would like to create. Depending on licenses etc. there might only be one choice. Press Next
  5. In the Content Mapping page create mapping, meaning map the vision shapes to the object to be used in HOPEX, e.g. Import a Dynamic Connector as a Sequence Flow. Press Next
  6. Import is done and a report shows you what has been imported

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Hello, we are using V3.00.01. Thanks.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Which version of HOPEX are you using?