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How to create a Gap Analysis Matrix

Honored Contributor

Hello HOPEX community,


One key value that enterpirse archects can give their organization is the so called "Gap Analysis" (See TOGAF, chapter 23 - Gap Analysis).


I am trying to understand how to leverage HOPEX to perform gap analysis in my organization.


For reference, below is the example matrix from TOGAF 9.2:


Some context to the

- Objects across the top can any ABBs or even SBBs.  For example, they can be:

  • Business capabilities
  • Functionalities
  • Technology functionalities 
  • Business Applications
  • Services (Business, Application, technology etc..)
  • Business functiouns
  • etc...    

Can anyone think of either an existing matrix report in HOPEX - or a way to build a report for this purpose?




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Super Contributor

This needs to be developed outside of MEGA as I have done it. You could also investigate the HOPEX Report Studio module and see if that could be the answer but then you should first have adressed the baseline/target environment definitions.