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Connect class with process

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We are using the object class as dataobject and businessobject and do the differenciation through the name. Now we want to connect Business and organizational Process to the object class, is this possible? 


How are you connecting Businessobject or Dataobject to processes?


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Data can be related to processes in several ways :

  • using data stores (for persistent data): there is a specialized approach here depending on the layers, so data stores comes in several flavours
    • Value Streams can be associated with data store pointing to 'concept domains' and 'Concepts'
    • Organizational Processes can be associated with data stores pointing to conceptual data (e.g. concepts, as above) or logical data (e.g. class)
    • System processes can be associated with data stores pointing to physical data (e.g. table)
  • using content (for flowing data) : contents can be associated to conceptual or logical data via 'work products'