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Assigning ownership to objects

New Contributor

Assigning ownership to objects

I'm new to Hopex (using V5) and have some questions about differentiating between Baseline and Transition (Project) artefacts.


When I talk about "ownership" here, I'm referring to the Owner filed in the Identification section on the Characteristics tab for each object.


In the example below, I have tagged the Owner of the new application as an EA Project called "Project A".  Application Flows don't have the same ownership types, so is it best to create a new Application Flow Map for Project A?


Libraries Example.png

Also, is it best to assign ownership of Baseline applications to a Library called, say, "Baseline"?


My desired outcome is to have a view/report of "Consumer Application" that shows incoming Baseline/Transition/All application flows.


Any alternate (and probably better) ideas are more than welcome.  



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