HOPEX Data Architecture
Implement your organization's glossary into logical / applicative data blueprints and physical databases.
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Course Description

This course focuses on HOPEX Data Architecture. It teaches Information Managers and Data Architects how to create a shared business language in a business glossary.

Students will also learn how to create conceptual, logical and physical data models and other data business models, which can be used to capture information exchanges and describe key information assets.

These models can be created automatically with database reverse- engineering.

Expected Benefits

  • Capture and structure your organization's business glossary
  • Refine your glossary through the use of semantic architecture principles
  • Manage & follow up on information design efforts
  • Implement your organization's glossary into logical/applicative data blueprints and physical databases

How the course is organized

The course alternates theoretical and exercise modules. Theory covers the challenges driving organizations to formalize their business glossary, along with definitions of HOPEX objects and functionalities. Practical exercises based around a real-life scenario allow participants to apply the theory learned on a relatable case.

How to participate

Course Content


  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and Information
  • HOPEX Data Architecture Demonstration
  • Introduction to our exercise Use Case

Business Glossary

  • Build a Business Dictionary with Terms and definitions
  • Structure the Business Dictionary

Semantic Architecture

  • Conceptual definitions and directed relationships
  • Define conceptual properties

Advanced Semantic Architecture

  • Multiplicities & compositions
  • Specializations

Information Design & Management

  • Data usage & responsibilities
  • Follow up on information design efforts

Vertical Integration

  • Build Data Dictionaries
  • Realize Concepts
  • Build Databases through synchronization
  • Import existing Databases
  • Initialize Business Dictionaries from Databases
Program Summary
Available for
HOPEX Aquila
Trainer led
2 days
Self paced e-learning
8 hours
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Data Architects
Data Officers & Analysts