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Web Service Factory Template

Web Service Factory Template

Develop custom web service on HOPEX based on the "web service factory" template.


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To build you custom web service you need to perform two parts :

  1. Build a web part to deploy in IIS
  2. Build the business logic to deploy in HOPEX Platform

The Part 1 will call the macro stored in MEGA. This part handle the authentication and related security from a web perspective.

The Part 2 is the macro that return a string. We recommend you to format in JSON. This macro is stored in HOPEX Platform. This macro can be developed in JAVA, C# (from V3 only) or VBScript.

The overall architecture is as followed :

web service template.png


Latest release date:


Use for:

Production Platform

Lifecycle status: 

Under active development

Platform compatibility:




.Net Framework 








Latest release notes:

  • Allow to build web component to expose a web service in HOPEX platform
  • Programming language C#
  • Change behavior in SSP call and MWAS call. Robustness for cluster deployment.


Installation procedure:

  • Launch Mega.WebServiceTemplate.Extension.vsix (uninstall if you had it already)
  • Launch Visual Studio 2019
  • Start programming your web service and build it
  • Deploy in IIS


Product Owner: @oguimard 

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