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Installation procedure:


Follow the document How to upgrade CP HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 EN


General notes:

  • With HOPEX V1R2-V1R3, CP are provided as .EXE files. It is possible to get a file .MSP file from the .EXE file: read the above article.
  • It is recommended that the administrator changes the environment reference if a physical backup has been restored
    See KB 00005357 
  • Different IIS parameters are set when installing HOPEX to favor stability. It is recommended to check them for existing installations.
    See KB 00005159 and KB 00005168
  • A warning can be displayed if version is not identified.
    See KB 00005621
  • If you upgrade from HOPEX V1R2 CP7 or lower version, it is required to convert files related to .must licence.

    See KB 00005681

  • Unexpected login windows (repository access and profile, login assignment) KB 00005920



HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 CP14.0 delivers various fixes and robusness improvements.


Note in particular:

  • Various translations fixes
  • Cannot run background web site generation several times in a row
  • Text displayed in back color (basic drawing object of type 'Text')
  • Incorrect display when refreshing report with images in tables (string 'null') KB 00006270
  • Incorrect display of special characters entered through Web Front-End
  • Unexpected diagram created by Visio import
  • Unexpected behavior when selecting a specific shape (manual shape) KB 00006056
  • Web users connected are not displayed in the monitoring console (COM deployment)
  • Content direction is not displayed for message flows
  • Report DataSet improvement: Enable to document a property when browsing a collection based on an abstract MetaClass KB 00006164
  • Option to disable the display limit in reports KB 00006224

Fixes related to cases open with Technical Support are documented in the document Fix list for MEGA HOPEX V1R2V1R3cp14.0.


To know the functional changes of recent CP, read the following documents

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A What’s New document is available in this page