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What do Douglas Adams, bagels, doughnuts and EA have in common?


What do Douglas Adams, bagels, doughnuts and EA have in common?

In our recent webinar, Alan Bradley (MEGA’s own “James May of Enterprise Architecture”) drew on his 15 years experience in the business to discuss how to get started and be successful with an EA practice. He outlined the steps to become useful and influential by delivering the right outcomes at the right time. Importantly, of course, he took me up on my challenge that he couldn’t bring Douglas Adams into a webinar about Enterprise Architecture!

Claire de Bie demonstrated the MEGA HOPEX platform to show the steps to mature your EA, outlining the outcome-oriented EA journey, while also finding the time to debate which kind of delicious baked goods look best as graphs in HOPEX!

In short, this webinar gives you a 60-minute insight into the best way to get the full picture of your organisation using EA by connecting as much of the architecture as possible – and how to get started on this journey by creating a baseline and then expanding into more complex use cases.


Click here to view it at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to message in the Community or email me with any questions or if you’d like to talk a little more about your EA journey.

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