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UK Customer Event: HOPEX new release (V2R1)


UK Customer Event: HOPEX new release (V2R1)

MEGA in EdinburghMEGA in Edinburgh

Last week a number of MEGA's customers and potential customers joined us in Edinburgh from all over the UK and Nordic regions to discuss how the features in the new release of MEGA’s HOPEX platform can enable business transformation programmes and improve decision making to keep organisations ahead of their competition.


The enhancements in the new rollout include:

  • Integration of the new Project Portfolio Module to enhance the transformation phase
  • Improve IT portfolio performance through ideation
  • CAST integration for cloud readiness and technical debt
  • Fully aligned with IT Architecture module for data flows
  • BDNA integration enhancement
  • Fresh new user interface
  • New collaborative features including Easy Survey
  • Role-based views with clearly defined purposes for:
    • IT Strategists
    • Application Architects
    • Technology Architects
  • Smart, valuable deliverables to address IT problems that exist today
  • Full alignment with MEGA’s ITPM module
  • Ensure coverage for modern architectures
    • Cloud computing architecture, virtual, platforms, IoT, API, web-orientated architecture, etc.


The slides we shared during the event are available to download from this page (displayed on the right side of the screen).


Thank you to those that joined us at the event, and please contact us should you require any further information or a discussion on your requirements.




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