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How MEGA helps handle 2.4 million flights, world-class magic & ice cold beer - it's Gartner EA 2018!


How MEGA helps handle 2.4 million flights, world-class magic & ice cold beer - it's Gartner EA 2018!

It's that time of the year again when we're heading into town for Gartner EA London.


To help make the event extra special this year we've got a bumper line-up of activities on and around our booth (number PL2 in case you want to make a note...) this year, so here's a few highlights to help you plan your week.


A sneak preview of the MEGA booth...A sneak preview of the MEGA booth...

Ready to expand the boundaries of EA? 


Let us know if you'd like a software demo during the conference. Please send me a message in the Community using the button on this page and we'll arrange a good time with you during the conference.


See how MEGA is integral to NATS


NATS, the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services, will be on-site to discuss the role MEGA’s HOPEX platform plays in their Architecture Framework.


Katie Duffy, EA at NATS, will present on Wednesday at 12:00 in the 'Westminster A' room. Right this way for more details on what Katie's session will cover.


NATS logo.png


MEGA and the art of EA


Accenture's Peter McElwaine-Johnn will also be discussing how enterprise architects can prepare for the next wave of technology-driven change - he'll be presenting on Tuesday at 16:00 in 'Westminster B' and at our booth during the networking reception if you would like to discuss anything from his session.


The best goodies in town


We've got some cool (and practical) freebies including RFID cards to keep your cash safe, cloths to keep your screen clean, and a few other cool bits and bobs. Pop over to say hi and grab yours!


Evening fun


The MEGA stand will really be coming into its own on Tuesday evening - it will literally be magic!


The world famous master magician Dean Nicholas is here for the networking reception with some of his newest trickery to show you! A true master of his craft, Dean learned from some of the best in the business including Paul Daniels, Tony Slydini and David Copperfield. 


Here's a sneak preview of Dean at his finest during another event - that £5 note was mine so I can assure you it's genuine!


We’ve also got some tasty cheeses, canapes and meats to enjoy with a cold beer – stand PL2 is genuinely the place to be!


We look forward to meeting you at the conference, and feel free to message me if you'd like to meet or have any questions.

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