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Executive Leaders Network Conference – 8th March 2018, Reading, UK


Executive Leaders Network Conference – 8th March 2018, Reading, UK

134_43563159.b1cebddc0b928eeaa00cf5b34f038c91.jpgThe MEGA UK team are gearing up to attend next week’s Executive Leaders Network CIO | CISO | CMO event at the Millennium Madejski Hotel in Reading, and we’re excited about joining the discussion and valuable content that will be available across the day.



In doing so I’ve been reviewing the themes and content, and it occurred to me just how much of a shift is going on across businesses in the digital age – even in my relatively short career so far (okay well 12 years since I graduated now!), I’ve seen a distinct shift from quite siloed business functions and departments in the mid-2000s through to the convergence we’re seeing now.


Even 10-12 years ago, I would imagine that an event that combines IT, compliance/governance and marketing-related content would have been risky at best. But now it’s almost essential, and a quick inspection of the key themes that will be covered at the event demonstrates just how interconnected these departments have become as a result of the digital age. There’s a strong argument that digital transformation, marketing automation, security, BigData and analytics, customer journey mapping and content marketing all overlap IT, marketing and compliance departments within a global organisation at the very least – this demonstrates how much organisations have been forced (for the better) to come together in order to compete effectively and create cutting edge customer experiences.


Brian Rashid of Forbes defines digital transformation quite nicely:


Digital transformation is not just about embracing new technology, it is about a change in thought and organisation culture.  There is a need for organisations to address the change in business scenarios, dynamic business demands and innovate ways to quickly cater to these changing needs. Leaders and IT teams in any enterprise should work hand in hand to meet the business requirements, drive innovation and march towards continuous improvement. This is what Digital transformation is all about —accelerate business activities, lower cost, improve time to market, bring about a positive change in processes, people, and competency models.


Is this your experience of digital transformation? How advanced is your organisation in its journey?


About the conference:


The Executive Leaders Network conference brings together a thought provoking keynote and some of the best & brightest executives known for their influence, expertise and strategic thinking to help you understand digital transformation in practice and what it can mean for your organisation. It offers you the opportunity to engage, share and learn with more than 100+ CIOs & IT Leaders and 40+ CISO / Security Leaders.


MEGA is a sponsor of the event and will also be exhibiting on the show floor, during which you'll be able to discuss your customer experience and digital transformation initiatives with the team. Please register your place via this link.


To stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the event, follow us on Twitter - @mega_int - or use the event hashtag #ExecLN.


We look forward to meeting you there!


The full Forbes article cited earlier is available to read on this link:

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